Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Unit

About the Unit

The Watertown Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Unit was established in 2001. The unit ensures the safety of the motoring public and contributes to maintaining the integrity of the Town’s roadways. Overweight commercial vehicles can cause damage and crack the roads, requiring the Town to spend money and resources on costly road repairs.


The unit inspects trucks and their drivers for safety and equipment compliance. This includes checking brakes, suspension, tires and safety related equipment. They also have portable truck scales to weigh trucks they believe are overloaded in excess of weight limits.

The two officers in the unit, Officer Martin and Officer Samios are all certified Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) inspectors. This required an intensive eighty hour course, followed by supervised inspections by the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, prior to conducting inspections on their own.

They are also D.O.T. certified inspectors for Hazardous Materials Cargo being transported in trucks. The officers inspect trucks transporting hazardous materials for safety and labeling compliance. All the training the officers receive is provided by the Massachusetts State Police.

Photo Gallery

View Photos of a Truck Inspection.

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