How do I get a permit to operate a Ice Cream Truck in Watertown?

There have been changes to the laws pertaining to Ice Cream Vendors. Effective as of February 15, 2013, in addition to the Hawkers and Peddlers license, The Department of Public Safety has issued new regulations (520 CMR 15.00) requiring the operators of such vehicles, to obtain a permit from the local police department or local licensing authority. If you have any questions regarding the new permit requirement, please visit the Department of Public Safety’s Website or call 617-727-3200.

In Watertown, to be permitted to operate an Ice Cream truck, each operator will need an Ice Cream Vendor ID issued and approved by the Chief of Police of the Watertown Police Department and a permit issued by the Town of Watertown Health Department to the vehicle. Required documentation for the Watertown Police Department Ice Cream Vendor ID includes:

In order to submit your application and required documentation you must contact Detective Jennifer Connors to set up an appointment by phone at 617-972-6545. No applications or paperwork will be accepted without an appointment.

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