Emergency Preparedness

Ice (in Case of Emergency) for Cell Phones

Everyone should have “ICE” contacts in their cell phones. The idea behind this is to enable first responders (paramedics, firefighters, police officers) to identify people and contact their next of kin to obtain important medical information. People are encouraged to enter in their emergency contact person(s) in their mobile phone book in the following format ICE1-mom, ICE2-dad, ICE3, etc.

Family Emergency Communication Plan

Develop a “Family Emergency Communication Plan” in case family members are separated from one another during an emergency, such as a winter storm, hurricane, or any unexpected event (a real possibility during the day when adults are at work and children are at school), and have a plan for getting back together. Every family/household should be prepared for emergencies. This includes pre-planning and have an emergency supply kit.

Fire / Smoke Alarm

Make a fire escape plan for your family. Sketch out a floor plan of your home, including all rooms, windows, interior and exterior doors, stairways, fire escapes and smoke alarms. Make sure that every family member familiar with the layout. Have a place to meet in front of your home. Use a portable phone or a neighbor’s phone to call 911.

Once you get out, stay out. Do not go back inside for any reason. Practice makes perfect. Every second counts during a real fire. Hold family fire drills frequently and at various times until the escape plans become second nature. Once you’ve mastered the escape process, hold a drill when family members are sleeping so you can test each family member’s ability to waken and respond to the smoke alarm.

Young children might sleep through the sound of the smoke alarm. Be prepared for a family member to wake children for fire drills and in a real emergency.

Winter Storms

This is New England, we must all be prepared for winter storms. Use the following guidelines to help you prepare:

  • A winter storm watch means a winter storm is possible in your area
  • A winter storm warning means a winter storm is headed for your area
  • A blizzard warning means strong winds, blinding wind-driven snow, and dangerous wind chill are expected. Seek shelter immediately
  • Keep an emergency supply kit (PDF) in your home
  • Keep your car “winterized” with antifreeze. Carry a winter car kit that includes:
    • Bag of sand or salt
    • Blanket
    • Candle and matches
    • Emergency flare
    • Extra mittens
    • Flashlight
    • Fluorescent distress flag
    • Shovel
    • Tire chains
    • Tow chain or rope
    • Windshield scraper