Duties of Officers in Route 6

The officers are the primary officers assigned to patrol route six and are responsible for maintaining the peace and harmony of the route. Officers understand that their jobs are not just to uphold the law but also to be aware of and respond to the cares and concerns of the citizens and business owners that make up the route.

When a problem is brought to our attention, it is our mission to address that problem and resolve it. It may not be to the liking of all who are affected by the problem, but the issue is to be fair and impartial in our dealings with both the residents and businesses that make up the route.

Officer Interaction

As part of their daily routine, officers will be walking the neighborhoods and will be making contact with those who make up that particular section. We encourage you to talk to these officers and introduce yourselves to them. It is then that we can unite and make a difference in the community we serve.

Community Outreach

Officers are active in youth projects, patrolling the Charles River walkway both on foot and by bicycle. Officers are involved in coordinating Earth Day activities and other community oriented functions that involve route six. We look forward to assisting you with problems that may have an impact on you or your neighborhood.